Sandon JMI School

Learning, Resilience, Independence


At Sandon JMI School we know that the best learning takes place when pupils and staff are happy and comfortable in their environment. We are a very happy, positive school and we treat all members of our community as individuals. We endeavour to be kind in everything we do.

Learners are much more likely to take chances in their learning, stepping outside of their comfort zones when they are calm and relaxed. If they can regulate their feelings and show resilience when disappointed, they will be able to persevere and try again. 

All staff in our school are acutely aware of the need to safeguard all children in our care, ensuring that they are not only physically safe and well but also that they are also able to identify and understand their emotions. We teach children to ask for help if they need it and they identify a network of adults in their life who they can turn to. We work hard to build excellent relationships with our learners and their families, enabling us to monitor pupil wellbeing closely, offering help when needed.

We also place great importance on staff wellbeing. We know that teaching and working in a school is a wonderfully rewarding job that requires huge amounts of dedication and energy, all staff are highly valued, and their efforts are celebrated.  

We employ a school play therapist who works with some children to help regulate their emotions and develop strategies to cope with anxiety. NHS school nurses visit us regularly to monitor key groups of children, administer vaccinations, provide asthma and anaphylaxis training and to advise on toileting and self-regulation.

PSHE and RE are taught consistently in order to help our pupils become citizens of the world who can understand he viewpoints of other. Through PSHE and RE we teach the children how take care of themselves, to be courageous and hardworking, to respect the beliefs and opinions of others and above all, be kind and compassionate. We use positive behaviour management in school, encouraging prosocial behaviours from all members of our school community.


“A single act of kindness throws out roots in all directions, and the roots spring up and make new trees.” Amelia Earhart.