Sandon JMI School

Learning, Resilience, Independence

Values, Ethos and Aims

Our vision is to create a respectful learning community where all members share a growth mindset. We will nurture and challenge all learners to be responsible, enabling them to develop their knowledge, resilience and resourcefulness. 

The aim at Sandon JMI School is to provide a wide range of opportunities for children to develop as independent, self-confident and successful learners. We will nurture aspirational thinkers who know how to make a positive contribution to their community and our wider society. We have a strong focus on developing children’s spiritual, moral, social and cultural understanding. The school ensures that children develop a love of learning so that they are well prepared for the rest of their lives as citizens of modern Britain. We insist that everyone in our school displays respect and prosocial behaviours 

Our school provides an inclusive environment where learners enjoy their education. The curriculum we provide enables us to discover and develop every child’s potential, wherever that may lie. All learners are challenged and encouraged to expand their skills and knowledge through varied curriculum opportunities. Those who find some areas of learning difficult are given targeted support to embed skills. All children in our school know that challenge is important and crucial to learning. The children at Sandon JMI School feel safe to try new things and understand that they need to step outside of their comfort zone to grow and progress. 

Further aims of our curriculum are to raise aspirations, engender a sense of personal pride in achievement, to provide purposeful learning opportunities and ultimately to help every student to find their personal strengths and interests. The children undertake a broad and balanced programme that takes account of the abilities and aptitudes and physical, emotional and intellectual development of each individual. We have a specialist art teacher who teaches every class weekly, ensuring a progression of skills throughout the school. We also offer a range of after school clubs to further enrich the curriculum.  

Sport, healthy living and wellbeing have a very high profile in our school. We have a specialist PE teacher who leads PE lessons and sports fixtures across the school. We regularly participate in competitions and festivals with other schools and have enjoyed success in many areas. Our school grounds are fully utilised to help encourage active lifestyles.