Sandon JMI School

Learning, Resilience, Independence

Forest school

Developed in late 2017, our on-site Forest School is now well established with children across the school taking part in regular sessions  Through the interactive learning and hands-on experiences, Forest School helps children build self-esteem and learn about the outdoor environment. The sessions also allow children to develop skills in team-building and cooperation, risk management and project planning.



The principles of Forest School are rooted in child led learning, giving children the opportunity to explore and learn in a less structured way than normal classroom learning. By using the natural resources available in the site and the children’s interests we hope to stimulate their imagination, creativity and enquiry skills. Forest School encourages curiosity and exploration with all of the senses, empowering children to use and explore the natural environment. Developing reflective skills and processes allows children to build confidence and recognise achievements.

Click here for more information about Forest School and its history from the FSA (Forest School Association).

Example activities and learning during Forest School:

  • Den Building

  • Knots

  • Story Telling/ writing

  • Digging

  • Woodwork – whittling

  • Fire lighting and cooking

  • Making homes for animals

  • Planting and growing

  • Bug hunts

  • Tree and plant identification

  • Animal Identification

  • Exploring smell and touch

  • Bark/leaf rubbing

  • Songs and singing

  • Animal tracking