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Welcome to Reception! Our Teacher is Miss Curtis and our Teaching Assistants are Miss Morley and Mrs Dear. On Tuesday we have PE with Mrs Reynolds and on Friday we do Forest School and Music with Mrs Hart.

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Our Reception Curriculum


News from Reception - 18th January 2023

Last Monday we came into school to find a penguin in our classroom, he had a label around his neck which said he was lost and could we help him find his home.
So we looked at lots of books and watched a video clip about penguins and found out that they were from the Antarctic. We found the Antarctic on a map and the globe and learned all about what it was like there.

Then we decided to find out about the Arctic, we found out that polar bears, arctic hares and arctic foxes live there. We did some great sentence writing about animals that live in cold places too. We said goodbye to our penguin yesterday, I wonder how long it would take for him to get home?

18th January 2023