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Class 3



Class 3 update - Friday 13th January

We have continued with Stone Girl Bone Girl this week and discovered lots of facts about Mary Anning. On Thursday we began to think about the structure of our biography on Mary Anning and today the children started writing them.

Whole Class Reading:
Aside from writing on the tables (which I must say caused a LOT of excitement), we discovered lots of facts about beetles this week - the children were amazed and all told me they had learnt something new.
Highlighters became their best friends during Whole Class Reading - they used their skimming and scanning skills from the writing on the table task and applied their new skills to find key words in the text.

This week the children in Year 5 have worked on multiplying by 2 digits and have used washing machines! Please see the newsletter for more information!
Year 6 have been working on multiplication and short division - they have used the ‘bus stop method’!

We started a new topic on Mountains this week in Geography and found the Seven Summits using an atlas. The children can confidently define what a mountain is now.

On Tuesday we began to discuss what being part of a community means and how this links to religion.

‘A New Year Carol’ is our focus this half term - it’s a folk song from the 1930’s which wasn’t sung at Christmas, but instead at New Year. We have recorded the children singing it and can’t wait to compare it to our performance at the end of the term to see the progress.

We continued with clothes this afternoon and learnt: socks, trousers, jumpers and boots along with many other items.


Tuesday 10th January

The children had great fun this morning using their newly taught 'skimming and scanning' skills. They were allowed to write on the tables which caused great excitement! The children were then able to transfer their skills into their Whole Class Reading activities.



Class 3 update - Friday 6th January

On Friday we hit the ground running and went straight back to normal lessons after the Christmas Break.

We have started a new book in English based on Mary Anning and her discoveries; ‘Stone Girl Bone Girl’. We will be working on some biography writing in the coming weeks.

In maths we have started a new topic of multiplication - we focused on multiplying 3 or 4 digits by one digit and it seems we grasped the concept well. Next week we will be multiplying by 2 digits and washing machines will be involved… more on that from your children next week, I’m sure!
And before anyone asks, it won’t be teaching the children how to use a washing machine in the home - sorry! 

We went up to Forest School on Friday afternoon and the children worked very well with Class 2. It was lovely to see their imaginations running wild.

After Forest School we started a new French unit on clothes. We all found this a little tricky in places! Fingers crossed we can remember some of the items of clothing next week.

Mrs Lucas