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We are a small, friendly school in the rural and beautiful village of Sandon.


The fitness equipment is now fully up and running. The children are really keen to use it. They have been waiting patiently for their go, lining up beautifully along the safety fence and moving really carefully onto the equipment. Our vision for the playground was that we would have a variety of areas for children to spend their free time and we are really pleased with the results. We have the main playground with sports fencing to prevent balls going out into the car park (well, most of them). We have our quiet garden area where the children have opportunities to grow flowers, fruits and vegetables or just sit quietly. The area beyond the new small fence is also a calm zone. There is table for children to sit and draw at and the new fence is a physical indicator for the children that they need to get ready to re-enter school. This helps the children to start their learning again calmly after being outside. The fence is also there for safety reasons, to remind children that the undercover area is place area for walking, not running. The local community are also free to use the playground out of school hours. We do ask that people stay in the main playground/field area and don’t go thorough gates into the Reception/Cygnets garden or the undercover area.

Giving Tree

In the next week we will be putting some new items on the Giving Tree in the reception area. Items will include compost, books for the reading scheme that children have requested and some small world toys for Reception.



Thank you very much to FOSS for all of their fundraising efforts. They have just bought lots of new atlas’ and dictionaries which will help the children with their independent study skills. Our next big fundraising drive will focus on IT equipment.

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Sandon JMI School, Rushden Road, Sandon Nr. Buntingford, Herts, SG9 0QS
Telephone: 01763 287238

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